Better when it was Die Hard

By mister spock
Written March 29, 2009
Good to take your mind off your daily troubles. If you saw Die Hard 3 and liked it you will probably enjoy it. It was better with Bruce although John did a good job.
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ACTION PORN !!!!!....Weak acting between 'SPECIAL' effects !!!

By Dark_Chameleon
Written March 29, 2009
Arnie did it, Sly did it, The Rock did it and still does, We pay good money for action shots and special effects with weak acting from the lead to keep the plot together, its like porn for action junkies, if It wernt for the action, the John Cena's type movies would be so dire that people would riot in the theatre. I have been guilty of going to these movies and wasting my money the same as others but I guess writting reviews does at least hopefully sway people from going to these $10 worth of wasted life. Maybe I'm one of those people who wants value for money, acting, dialogue, characterization, scenery, costumes and plot. I dont think I'm asking the earth, am I? Just give me reason to feel I didnt waste my money with films like this, ones that give you so much then waste it all by the weakest acting humanly available, they are an insult to my patronage. Where have all the Paul Newmans, Clint Eastwoods and Robert Redfords gone?
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By robin4
Written March 27, 2009
This movie was such a pleasant surprise. I loved it!!!!
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I think it was actually 1200 Rounds

By JenniferinAustin
Written March 28, 2009
Instead of a zooming bus we had a zooming fire truck and a streetcar. There was also a elevator scene - YAWN! It was like a photocvopy of a photocopy of a photocopy of SPEED. Distorted and and foggy - really dull. Don't blame the actors - the writing was terrible. Dialogue looked like it was cut and pasted from googling "action movie cop partner". Disjointed. Therewas even an "I love you man" scene between two guys when the clock was ticking on one's girlfriend's life. When a guy loses his house and his partner and best friend, has his girlfriend stolen by an international terrorist and then makes really stupid jokes at the end of the day, I know it's not the actors - they had little to work with. Just terrible. I get to go to the movies probably twice a month and I am rarely disappointed - I just want to escape in some manner for a few hours. I do not set the bar high. It went on forever. There was never a really a heartpounding, chair- gripping moment for me.
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12 Rounds

By tootsweaver
Written March 28, 2009
Great action packed movie! If you liked Die Hard, you will enjoy 12 Rounds! John Cena was awesome!! My two boys, 10 and 13, thought it was great, too.
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