100 Voices: A Journey Home Encore Synopsis
Cantors perform in a celebration of Jewish culture.

Movie Reviews

100 Voices

By rheasplace
It was moving and touching, entertaining, funny and wonderful. I took my elderly Jewish neighbor whose relatives were from Poland. She enjoyed it immensely. While I am not Jewish and cannot...

100 Voices

By lollybub
Wonderful, musically and historically. A treasure....

100 Voices, The Journey Home

By hartfart
Go, Go, Go!!!...

Five Word Review

By susanna1
Absolutely a must see documentary...

100 Voices: A Journey Home

By rclamen
Outstanding documentary on the loss of Jewish culture in Poland and the attempt to rekindle it. Great voices, terrific emotion....

100 Voices: A Journey Home

By hgallas
Moving, informative, beautiful....

100 Voices

By ronrp56
Very moving....

Worth the trip

By kinobuff
This well crafted documentary follows 100 Jewish cantors on a musical mission to Poland, covering visits to historical sites and concerts in major venues. It offers considerable insight into how...

100 voices

By azg_45
Very well done. The photography, theme. More music, less dialogue preferred....


This is an amazing story of the Cantors Assembly's trip to Poland. The stories that the individuals told who are children of survivors were mesmerizing. The scene at Auschwitz was so powerful and...

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Rated PG